Episode 006 – Brand Value & Valuation: Leveraging Your Most Important Asset

Hi, and thanks for checking out episode six of Kill the Ad Man. We welcome our first special guest Mr. Clayton Achen, as we discuss brand value and valuation. Clayton shares his insight as a CPA, a small business owner and an investor into what builds brand value and what role brand plays in the valuation of a company. As the founder of a modern, tech-based CPA firm, Clayton brings a unique perspective to our conversation. He discusses what lead him to invest in a local craft brewery and how brand value matters to small businesses just as much to the big corporate giants out there. And The Rant is back, as Rob points out that businesses not investing in their brand and marketing RIGHT NOW are missing an opportunity to get ahead.

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Kevin M. and Mr. Rob

This Episode's Takeaways

  • You don’t need a million dollar budget to create brand value, you need a solid understanding of what your brand is and why you exist.
  • Brand Value is an intangible that comes up when selling a business.
  • Brand starts with purpose. Value comes out of the ability to deliver on that purpose.
  • Business owners looking to monetize their business will get more at the end of the day by understanding their brand and its value.
  • The functional role of the brand shouldn’t sit just in the Marketing side. It sits with the CFO and the corner office as well.
  • Brand = Value. Value = Profit.