Episode 005 – Branding and the Branding Firm: Practicing What We Preach

Hi, and thanks for checking out episode five of Kill the Ad Man. You know, it’d be pretty easy for us to sit in an ivory tower and opine on all things B2B branding. But in 2018 we rolled up our sleeves and saw the world through our client’s eyes. We used the same process to rebrand our own firm like we would any other. The result was a change to a refocused—and much more clear—brand that spoke to our market. In this episode, we discuss how reBox Creative came to be, why we chose to rebrand the company, some of the steps we went through along the way, and we talk about how this process has worked for some of our clients as well. Rob explains why B2B became the big focus for the company, and we talk a bit about the changes to the visual parts of the Rebox brand that came out of the rebranding process

Was it a lot of work? Sure. It always is, no matter which client we’re working with. Was it scary and painful? At times, perhaps, but change typically is. The results have been very beneficial to our firm, and it’s our hope that you, the listener, will see that it isn’t ultimately as scary as you might think it is.

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Kevin M. and Mr. Rob

This Episode's Takeaways

  • It’s as simple as asking the first, and most important question: Why You? Exploring the answer to this question has been at the foundation of the Rebox brand since the beginning. And what you think is important, might not be the same as what the market thinks.
  • When you answer that question, you’ll find a lot more to answer as well. Keep doing the work.
  • Reworking the visual parts of the brand may be needed, but it will also require a shift in thought for everyone in the company. Remember, change doesn’t happen overnight.
  • It can be a lot of work. But it results in growth, clarity and a clear path forward.