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A podcast for those who want their brands to suck less.

Produced by Rebox – a B2B Brand Distillery, Kill the Ad Man looks at ways for Brand Owners and Marketers to do more to tell effective brand stories that get results. Using real-world examples and case studies from the Rebox archives, your hosts Kevin Murray and Robert Schmidt go in-depth to demonstrate that B2B doesn’t have to mean Boring-to-Boring. 


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Latest EpiSodes

Title card for episode 6 of Kill the Ad Man

KtAM 006 - Brand Value and Valuation: Leveraging Your Most Important Asset.

We welcome our first guest, Mr. Clayton Achen, and discuss brand value and valuation. Clayton shares his insight—as a CPA, small business owner and an investor—into what builds value and what role brand plays in the valuation of a company.

Title card for episode 5 of Kill the Ad Man

KtAM 005 - Branding and the Branding Firm: Practicing What We Preach.

We could sit in an ivory tower and opine about all things B2B Branding all day long. But on this episode we talk about our own rebranding process from 2018, why we did it, and what the results have been since we finished. 

KtAM 004 - Keeping it Clean & Clear: Maintaining Consistency Across the Brand.

Most people assume that brand consistency refers to just the visual elements of a brand: the logo, the colours, the fonts, etc. In this episode we talk about why that’s not the reality.

KtAM 003 - The Most Important Consideration in Building a Well-Distilled Brand.

When you think of any brand, what’s the first thing you think of? The logo? A tagline? These are components that make up the brand. The most important consideration, though? People.

KtAM 002 - It's the End of the World as We Know It Again… Again.

Other brands have known major crises, some of their own making, some thrust upon them. How these brands have responded in a crisis holds lessons for every brand.

KtAM 001 - It's the End of the World as We Know It… Again.

COVID-19 poses a significant number of challenges for every brand in the marketplace. Who’s doing a good job of living their brand, and who’s not? Our first episode digs in.